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interim_ is an artist-run alternative arts space, currently inhabiting a temporary structure in Worli, Mumbai.

Inspired by makeshift ways, we wish to build a format of exhibition from the ground up. Our doors are open to all kinds of art-makers. We are especially interested in facilitating site specific work, collaboration between artists across mediums, and also consider the exhibition and spacial design process as a collaboration between us and the artists. 

By inhabiting a temporarily available space, interim_ is tied to its conception, rather than a location. The idea was conceived out of a notion of temporality, with the intention being to treat each project as an "interim life" and later take form as a nomadic space, moving between spaces once our time in the current one is up.

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interim_ is rooted in collaboration. If you have an idea for a show, event or would like to collaborate with us in any way, do get in touch!

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